Disobey Big Brother, Destroy INGSOC

Welcome to disobey bb. If you are here, you are committing crimethink. Here, we fight back against duckspeak, bellyfeel, and take back onelife.
There are no thinkpol here.
I will write what I think needs to be said here. I will be interweaving my opinions, knowledge, punk rock, and literature. I have no qualms with individuals disagreeing with me. Civil discourse has always been productive, but if you feel the need to resort to ad hominem attacks, then please see yourself out.
We’re all friends here, and we all have the same goal.
Be civil. Be disobedient.

Please click on the menu above and click on “posts” to see my rantings and ravings. If the first paragraph looks like it is written in a made up language, read 1984 by Orwell.