Discriminating LGBTQ+ Kids is Cool Now?

Disclaimer: I will probably meander off the path of my real intentions in this post. I will likely paint with extremely broad, venomous strokes. Apologies in advance for any language.

Where did we go wrong as a nation? Is opening children up to discrimination not far enough?
Vice President Mike Pence stated “Washington has no business intruding on the operation of our local schools.” Don’t start Mr. Pence, just don’t. Don’t try to veil this action, which you’ve undoubtedly pushed, as valuing State’s rights over Federal regulation. Remember in 2006, as head of the Republican Study Committee, you said “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.” You’ve stated the preventing gay marriage isn’t discrimination, but enforcing “God’s idea.” You opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because it “wages war on freedom and religion in the workplace. You said repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would turn the military into “a backdrop for social experimentation.” You signed a bill that made same-sex couples applying for a marriage license a felony in Indiana. You may or may not support conversion therapy, but the fact that’s a question is a problem in the first place. You said the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill was advancement of a “radical social agenda”. You added that it would have “a chilling effect on religious expression, from the pulpits, in our temples, in our mosques and in our churches.” Remember in 2000 when you said “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexual’s as a ‘discreet and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities”? Your Religious Freedom Restoration Act “allows businesses and individuals to discriminate against anyone who offends their religious sensibilities”. From the beginning, you opposed President Obama’s direction regarding transgender student’s rights and bathroom use in schools. Why? Because it’s a ‘state’s rights’ issue? Get the fuck out of here. Nothing about your past says that you’re a ‘state’s rights’ guy. You’re a blatant homophobic, discriminatory, bible wielding fuckstick. Don’t get me started on your thoughts regarding women, women’s rights, Planned Parenthood, abortion, or anything else you stand for. I’ll save that for later.I’m strictly focusing on your crusade against the LGBTQ community, and specifically, the decision of this administration to roll back directives from President Obama regarding transgender protections in public schools.

Don’t act like you weren’t doing a happy dance when Betsy DeVos, a religious nutjob with no experience with public education, or Jeff Sessions, a blatant bigot against anyone who isn’t a WASP male, were appointed. These two, along with the completely negligent president, allows you free reign to support your ass-backwards social agenda. No, this wasn’t a state’s rights issue sir. You just gave public schools the green light to continue ostracizing, isolating, and discriminating against transgender students. Now, tell me again, how old are most public school students? Somewhere between 5 and 19, right? So, you think it’s a good thing to for adults to be able to attack kids because they’re different? Fuck you and everything you stand for. These are children we’re talking about. This is America. You know, “land of the free”, and all that jazz? I guess that only applies when you’re a white, christian man who loves boobies, beer, and the Colts.

Let me break this down for you and every other conservative in America. Also, for anyone reading; if I’m wrong, please tell me! I want to help but I’m pretty dense. Gender and sex are two different things, and sexual orientation is another thing entirely. They’re all pretty easy to understand, but I’ll be sure to break them down for you. Gender is a social construct of societal norms which dictate what behaviors are acceptable or appropriate. For instance, working on the car is a “man’s thing” and baking is a “woman’s thing”. Our gender identity is what we define ourselves as in our society, male or female. Sex is biological, or what we are coded as in our DNA. Sex is what parts we are born with. Biological males have a penis and testicles (somebody might have removed yours, but that’s okay. We call those eunuchs. They’ve been around a long time.) and an X and a Y chromosome. Biological females have a vagina, ovaries, and two X chromosomes. Sexual orientation is who or what we deem as sexually pleasurable or arousing. Pretty simple, right?

Gender = what societal roles we identify with.
Sex = what parts we have.
Sexual orientation = what gets our rocks off.
Get it? Got it? Good. If not, it’s okay. Read it again, really slowly. Sound it if you have to.

So, rolling back this directive to accommodate students of the LGBTQ community, specifically transgender students, is literally just an attack on something you don’t understand. You don’t see how a biological male can identify as a woman, maybe want to wear dresses and makeup, play with dolls, and all that. Newsflash: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have an impact on any of our lives! Whether Jen was born a boy, but identifies as a girl or Elle doesn’t put themselves into either of those narrow minded genders doesn’t change anything about your life. Don’t you dare try to argue about different parts being in the ‘wrong’ bathrooms.
How many times have you seen the genitalia of someone else in a bathroom? Were you looking? Why? You’re the one with mental health issues if that’s the case.
You know how I can tell if the person taking a shit in the stall next to me is a guy? I can’t! Can you? Do you have x-ray vision? “But it puts our women at risk of being raped and assaulted!” Really? Because rapists cared about rape being illegal in the first place? Maybe we should outlaw rape, murder, heroin use, and child abuse! It sounds an awful like the conservative argument about “Gun-Free Zones.” Criminals don’t care what the law says, that’s why they’re criminals.

Haven’t we always said that in America you can be anything you want? We proved it in this election. A man born into a millionaire family, who thinks he’s a soldier because he had sex in the 80’s, was a reality TV sensation, and is absolute mental midget just became the President of the United States! So now, we’re saying that you can be anything you want, as long as it’s straight, not ‘strange’, and fits into the neat little shoe box you call your mind.

You’ve just made it okay for schools to say, “Sorry, I know you like to be called John, but you were born Jennifer so you’ve got to use the girl’s room. You’re a girl, you’re weird, you need help because something is wrong with you.” Any sort of incremental progress we’ve made over the last 8 years is being decimated by your barbaric and draconian thought process. Now it is time for us progressives to sit back and allow you to shove your religion down our throats. Finally, you can espouse the ‘love’ of your mystical man who lives in the clouds. It’s about time that you could roll back the persecution of Christians in this fine nation, because you’ve been persecuted for such a long time. Don’t start with me about ‘religious freedoms’.

This action validates HB2. This action promotes hatred, bigotry, and discrimination. The cultural forces that you are supporting are complicit in the suicide of LGBTQ kids. You are complicit in the isolation and dismantling of any rights of these children. You’re saying that what they are is an abomination and their lives are of zero value. You’re allowing schools, which for many students is the only safe place they have in their lives, to be the jackboot crushing their soul and destroying their spirit.

The blood is on your hands, all of you. Pence, Trump, conservatives, neo-cons, and Trump supporters.

As a veteran, I served for the rights of all Americans, not just those who have the ‘luxury’ of being a white, straight, cisgender male. It’s pathetic that I even have to say this.
As a future educator, I will protect all of my students from any discrimination and bigotry. I will make my room into a bulwark, sheltering them from the harm outside of my classroom. I will teach all of my students to be open-minded human beings with a respect and appreciation for all other lives on this planet, regardless of who they are.
As an activist, I will never let those in my circle of influence forget the atrocities that are being committed by your hands.

But it’s about state’s rights, not discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community, correct?
Fuck off.

Today, I’m ashamed that the country that I love, that I served, has turned into this monstrosity. I will never be able to comprehend what has happened to our country.

Maybe that’s because I think all people deserve to be loved, wanted, and understood.
Maybe that’s because I think children are the future.
Maybe that’s because I think children deserve to be loved, affirmed, and supported.


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